Sunday, May 7, 2017

Attempts to manage Earth’s climate system is inherently dangerous

The idea that we can manage Earth’s climate system is inherently dangerous.
Dr Hugh Hunt.
However, the idea does have some positives as its successful implementation would demand global cooperation among all nations, a quality, that until now, has escaped humanity.

Earth’s “money masters” have called all the shots until now and so unless they see geo-engineering as an opportunity to make even greater profits, nothing will happen, but if and when it does eventuate be assured it will be about further enriching the already rich with little or no concern about the longer term wellbeing of Earth.

It’s interesting to note that those most vocal in their opposition of climate change, are among the geo-engineering boosters, which appears a blatant contradictory stance, for if you are convinced something is not happening why agree to a fantastically expensive process that is even more fantastically risky - it’s unknown how it will work, if it will work, who will control it, and who will clean up the resultant mess.

Cambridge University’s Dr Hugh Hunt from the engineering department talk here in a 36 minute YouTube about “Controlling the Climate: can we refreeze the Arctic?

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