Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Federal Government could finance coal-fired power stations with clean energy funding

New coal-fired power stations using 'clean coal' technology could be funded by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), under plans announced by the Federal Government.

 Mr Frydenberg said carbon capture and
 storage can help reduce Australia's
 emissions - it won't.
Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has announced plans to amend the CEFC Act to allow investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The technology involves capturing carbon dioxide from a power plant and burying it underground in a bid to reduce emissions.

(I weep, metaphorically, at this latest decision taken by the Turnbull Government - most everything Josh Frydenberg has said about carbon capture and storage (CCS) is questionable, if not blatantly wrong. CCS has only been trialled at an insignificantly small scale and as yet no one understands the technical complications of upscaling such projects to the massive degree needed to make the process work in a way that would slow the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. 

Beyond that, most people are unaware of the scientific realities of climate change and so have no comprehension of what CCS is, or how it works, the difficulties of actually employing the process and the madness of betting the health of our atmosphere on a process of which we do not yet have any real grasp or understanding of how it should work and how we should employ it, and they will believe what Mr Turnbull and his cohort promise - “clean coal” simply doesn’t exist and our government is doing a distinct disservice to the Australian public in changing the rules to allow Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) money to be used on what is unquestionable the dirtiest form of energy presently being used in world - Robert McLean.)

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