Friday, May 26, 2017

Wealth redistribution and population management are the only logical way forward

Techno-industrial society is in dangerous ecological overshoot – the human ecological footprint is at least 60% larger than the planet can support sustainably. The global economy is using even renewable and replenishable resources faster than ecosystems can regenerate, filling waste sinks beyond nature’s capacity to assimilate. (Even climate change is a waste management problem – carbon dioxide is the single greatest waste by weight of industrial economies.)

November 2015: The Doce River in Brazil flooded
with toxic lama after a dam owned by Brazilian
 Vale SA and Australian BHP Billiton Ltd burst.
Despite the accumulating evidence of impending crisis, the world community seems incapable of responding effectively. This situation is clearly unsustainable and, if present trends continue, is likely to lead – in this century – to runaway climate change, the collapse of major biophysical systems, global strife and diminished prospects for continued civilised existence. 

Read the story by William E. Rees on The Guardian - “Wealth redistribution and population management are the only logical way forward.”

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