Friday, June 23, 2017

Arguments against renewable energy are rubbish

I've lived without electricity bills twice. The first time was in the 1940s in a sawmilling hamlet in the Victorian Alps.

Our backbench is 45,000 head of cattle, which
 are happy with the current arrangements. 
As little kids, we had no fridge to raid. If we wanted a cool drink of home-made ginger beer we had to get up on a chair and open the Coolgardie Safe, which was a tin box with holes in it that hung in the breeze under the back veranda. On really hot days Dad would sling a wet hessian bag over it.

In winter we were kept warm by the open fire and food was cooked on the wood stove, which also provided hot water to the kitchen through the pipes built into the "water jacket”.

When it came to bath time, Dad would fire up the chip heater with off-cuts from the mill. In those days, water was the great scarce resource so there would always be at least three to a bath.

Read Harold Mitchell’s story in the Brisbane Times - “Arguments against renewable energy are rubbish.”

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