Thursday, June 1, 2017

Key greenhouse gases higher than any time over the last 800,00 years

The most comprehensive collection of atmospheric greenhouse gas measurements, confirms the relentless rise of many of the most important greenhouse gases. 

Greenhouse gases began with the onset
of the industrial era around 1750. 
The data shows that today’s aggregate warming effect of carbon dioxide (CO), methane (CH) nitrous oxide (NO) is higher than at any time over the last 800,000 years, according to the ice core records going back that far.

Building on half a century of atmospheric measurements by the international research community, the data was compiled and analysed by a group of international scientists led by Malte Meinshausen, from the University of Melbourne, with colleagues there and at CSIRO.

Together, the data provides the most compelling evidence of the unprecedented perturbation of the Earth’s atmosphere. The data clearly shows that the growth of greenhouse gases began with the onset of the industrial era around 1750, took a sharp turn upwards in the 1950s, and still continues today. 

Research has demonstrated that this observed growth in greenhouse gases is caused by human activities, leading to warming of the climate – and in fact more than the observed warming, because part of their effect is currently masked by atmospheric pollution (aerosols).

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