Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shepparton Urban Forest Strategy launch this month

Shepparton’s long awaited Urban Forest Strategy will be launched later this month.

All those who gather Beneath the Wisteria have been invited to attend
the Thursday, June 29, event at 10:00 am in the car park next to Friars Cafe.

The City of Great Shepparton presently manage nearly 40 000 urban trees in its streets and parks and the goal is to, by 2037, increase the urban forest canopy cover in each town to 40 per cent.

Also the council aims to reduce the number of vacant street tree sites to  
zero, also to improve urban forest diversity by age and useful life expectancy; to increase the number of biodiversity links through each towns street and road network; to include urban trees in all major Council infrastructure projects at planning, design and implementation phase; and to ensure best practice urban tree management is being delivered across all Council programs.

The council also says on its website that an urban forest provides benefits to people – shade, public amenity and green spaces for you to enjoy. But it also has strong economic and environmental benefits that are worth considering.

Those eager to see the launch and better understand the Urban Forest idea need to RSVP to Daniella Rose by June 22, or more information is available from the Manager of Parks, Sport and Recreation, Heath Chasemore on 5832 9700.

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