Thursday, June 15, 2017

The endangered elephant in the energy room

We are in the middle of a cappuccino-led transformation.

Australia's Chief Scientist, Dr Alan Finkel.
The ABC's War on Waste program has recently drawn Australians' attention to the fact that disposable coffee cups are not recyclable. And that one billion of the things go to landfill and litter each year.

So, appropriately horrified, environmentally-conscious coffee drinkers are doing something about it.

I've noticed a change in the lineup at the coffee stall near my office in recent weeks. The people who bring their own brightly coloured, plastic cups are starting to outnumber those who stump for the evil, non-recyclable paper kind. Earlier this month, KeepCup - a company that sells reusable coffee cups – was reporting a 400 per cent increase in online sales.

Read Judith Ireland’s comment in today’s Melbourne Age - “The endangered elephant in the energy room.”

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