Monday, June 5, 2017

Trump’s attempt to pull the USA out of the Paris Agreement: a personal reaction from Solaraid.

by Jeremy Leggett.
I was barely listening as he delivered his speech. I had heard most of his mantras already. I also knew that he would be unable to complete a US pullout, legally, until his second term. And he surely can’t aspire to one of those now, with all the skeletons that are rattling in his closet. I was thinking instead about what people can do in the face of madness such as this.
Donald Trump and Angela Merkel.
One of the options is to focus on projects that demonstrate, in a way that is impossible to ignore, that he is wrong. And more, that the belief system he is a symptom of is wrong: rottenly, suicidally, wrong.

I stared at the little solar light on my desk as the President pursed his lips and blustered his distortions and lies. Nothing that I know of shows how wrong Trump is on energy than that light. It captures the perversity of his world view in perfect miniature.

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