Tuesday, June 20, 2017

World’s largest coal company to retire 37 mines in India

The largest coal mining company in the world, Coal India, has announced plans to decommission a total of 37 mines which are no longer economically viable in India.

Coal India closing uneconomical coal mines.
Coal India, which accounts for over 80 per cent of the India’s coal production, produced an average of 1.42 tonnes of coal per day in June last year.

Earlier this month, the government-owned coal producer informed the Bombay Stock Exchange its intentions to close 37 mines in the country, on account of them no longer being financially viable.

Read the Climate Action story - “World’s largest coal company to retire 37 mines in India.”

(Why, I wonder, does the Indian company Adani want Australians to dip into their pockets for $1 billion? 

Coal is out of favour around the world and rather than handing it out to a company that is a part of dirty and dying industry, we should be investing an energy stream (renewables) that is of the future - Robert McLean)

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