Thursday, July 13, 2017

How one city is preparing for extreme heat - with trees

The cool shade of a tree makes a hot day more bearable. But in San Fernando, California, a small city near downtown Los Angeles, that relief is hard to find.

Tree People dedicates five years
of care for each tree it plants.
MontaƱez: “Not only do you have concrete everywhere, you have very few trees in that community.”

That’s Cindy MontaƱez of the nonprofit “Tree People.”

She says climate change is making the heat in San Fernando worse. Twenty-five years ago, the city experienced about 50 days a year with temperatures over 95 degrees. That number is likely to double to almost 100 days by mid-century.

Read and listen to the Yale Climate Connections story - “How one city is preparing for extreme heat - with trees.”

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