Friday, July 14, 2017

Mall future still far from clear

The central business district needs a clearer, and greener, future vision, the Goulburn Valley Environment Group says.

President John Pettigrew says the group’s position on directions for developing the CBD has been made clear to Greater Shepparton City Council.
GVEG president, John Pettigrew - Shepparton's
CBD needs a clearer, greener, future vision.
‘‘If there’s one thing that disappointed me more than anything else, it seems to be a lack of vision to what the CBD might look like in a decade’s time.’’

Until a longer term vision was created, ‘‘there’ll be short-term mistakes made’’.

But Council sustainable development director Johann Rajaratnam pointed to a number of roadmap documents which look at visions and directions for the city and the CBD.

Mr Pettigrew said green areas would be more needed into the future, not just on the city’s fringes but in the centre.

He said it seemed recent moves to push ahead with learning more about a trial mall reopening had not had much basis and described the potential for losing established trees to accommodate traffic as a decision the city might regret.

Mr Rajaratnam stressed a number of options were being pursued in relation to the mall, which would soon allow councillors to decide on a suitable response.

He said seeking more information about these options, including a trial reopening, would establish the hard data necessary ‘‘before we go down the path of doing anything’’.

‘‘That’s why this step is critical.

‘‘It takes it out of public opinion and into the realm of hard data,’’ he said.

Read the story from today’s Shepparton News - “Mall future still far from clear.”

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