Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Renewable energy will kill people this winter, Liberal MP Craig Kelly says.

Renewable energy is killing people this winter, Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly says.

Liberal backbencher - renewable energy claims are
"at best mischievous and at worst outright lies".
Mr Kelly said high power prices meant many households were unable to adequately heat their homes.

"People will die," he told AM.

"We've seen reports only recently that one-in-four Australian households this winter will be frightened to turn the heater on because of the price of electricity.

(Craig Kelly's arguments about renewable energy are at best mischievous and at worst, outright lies - the responsibility for what now confronts Australians rests clearly at the feet of the Turnbull Coalition Government, which has refused to acknowledge that the fossil fuel era is over and the time has arrived (well, it is long past) for our leaders to establish a Renewable Energy Target (RET) and work with communities and industry to create and build a renewable energy infrastructure that will take Australia into and through the 21st Century - Robert McLean)

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