Saturday, July 1, 2017

The human fingerprint of Europe’s recent heat

This June, Europe experienced some remarkable heat. Temperature records were smashed across the west of the continent with extremely hot days followed by warm uncomfortable nights for many.

The June 2017 European heatwave
was likely caused by human influence on the climate
While the heat was fun for some, it took its toll on others, contributing to the Portuguese wildfires, which killed at least 64 people. Undoubtedly the heat will have caused many more deaths across the continent through heat stroke and pre-existing conditions exacerbated by the hot weather.

Previous research has found that excess deaths during recent European heatwaves can be attributed to the human influence on the climate. These extreme heat events are becoming more common in Europe and around the world. In order to be prepared for future severe heatwaves we need to understand how and why they are changing.

Read the Pursuit story by Dr Andrew King from the University of Melbourne - “The human fingerprint of Europe’s recent heat.”

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