Tuesday, July 11, 2017

'We haven't finalised our internal discussions’: Frydenberg

Remember when we thought Alan Finkel's energy blueprint might end the politicking over energy policy?
 Federal Environment and Energy
Minister Josh Frydenberg.
Now, any kind of consensus on how to bring down power prices and restore stability to the grid seems even more elusive.

Another round of COAG energy talks looms, where state governments will likely get a sense of whether the Federal Government will adopt Dr Finkel's recommended Clean Energy Target.

Meanwhile, Federal Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has taken a swipe at his state counterparts, saying they need to lift their game to end the energy impasse.

Listen to Josh Freidenberg being interview by Fran Kelley on RN Breakfast - “‘We haven't finalised our internal discussions’: Frydenberg

(The Turnbull coalition has accepted all bar on one the Finkel Review recommendations and that is, sadly the one that really matters - the Renewable Energy Target. Setting a reasonable target would be easy, but it might mean compromising some of the coalition’s ideologies and that, obviously, is not easy. Frydenberg has argued that the government’s approach is technology neutral - it’s not for if it was, the government would opt, immediately, for renewable energy it is clearly the cheapest, if used correctly the best for the country, and the world. Should the government be found at the “sensible centre” as suggested by PM Malcolm Turnbull, it would begin working on an absolutely decentralised energy/power infrastructure in which every premises from the largest industry to the smallest private home became its own power station with solar and wind power and batteries to complement those two power sources. Of course, a super-critical, super-smart grid (if the government can apply super-critical to dirty coal, I can reference it with regard renewable energy) would link all those individual power stations allowing for the sharing of excess power - Robert McLean) 

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