Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Productivity Commission fuels energy war by calling for carbon price

Productivity Commission
chairman, Peter Harris.
The Productivity Commission has thrown a spanner in the Turnbull government's attempts to settle Australia's intractable climate wars, calling the policy landscape a "regulatory mess" and calling for a price on carbon.

It comes a week after the government released its much-anticipated energy blueprint, the national energy guarantee, which was designed to quell debate and meet Australia's international emissions obligations without a carbon price.

The independent Productivity Commission released its five-year productivity review on Tuesday. It was commissioned by Treasurer Scott Morrison.  

The review said immediate action was needed to manage the looming risk of summer blackouts, however there was a real danger Australia's longer-term electricity needs would not be met if "the regulatory mess persists”.

Read the story in today’s Melbourne Age by Nicole Hasham - “Productivity Commission fuels energy war by calling for carbon price.”

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