Saturday, April 21, 2018

Frydenberg’s Neg challenge is like climbing Everest with no oxygen

For folks who aren’t hardcore climate and energy policy tragics, it might be hard to stay on top of the various twists and turns in the debate about the national energy guarantee. This is a good weekend to take stock.
Josh Frydenberg is doing his best on the national energy
guarantee – within the constraints he faces. 
If you were watching events on Friday, you’ll know the federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg has persuaded the states and territories to keep going with the Neg, but just hold that thought. To understand all the dimensions of this debate properly, and I think there’s value in laying it all out – we’ll need a brief recap, then we’ll need to look over the horizon to chart where it’s all going.

The Neg is supposed to deal with two problems. The policy’s reliability and emissions framework is aimed at ensuring the lights stay on at something like an affordable price for energy users, and emissions decrease in the electricity sector so we have some vague hope of meeting our international climate commitments.

Read the story by Katherine Murphy from The Guardian - “Frydenberg’s Neg challenge is like climbing Everest with no oxygen.”

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