Thursday, April 26, 2018

Here Are the Floor Plans for Jeff Bezos’s $23 Million DC Home

Jeff Bezos has been quietly jetting into Washington over the past few years, becoming quite the hobnobber around town (for all the details of his local life, click here). Soon, Washingtonians may see even more of him. In 2016, the Amazon founder and Washington Post owner paid $23 million in cash for the former Textile Museum in Kalorama (yes, his neighbors are the Obamas and Kushner-Trumps). At 27,000 square feet, the mansion was already the biggest home in Washington before he began a $12 million renovation and expansion last year. 
The Pope house, one of the two homes that will make up
 Bezos's palatial DC estate. All blueprints in story courtesy of DCRA.
Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie, plan to use the home for A-level socializing. And we’re not talking your cozy Washington dinner party, although presumably there’ll be plenty of those, too. Washingtonian filed a public-records request with the city’s zoning office to get copies of the blueprints for the renovations. They reveal a party pad of epic proportions.

Read the Mimi Montgomery story from the Washingtonian - “Here Are the Floor Plans for Jeff Bezos’s $23 Million DC Home.”

(A person’s home reflects their status, righty or wrongly. Also, it must be said, that same home/building/place is a reflection of personal adequacies or, equally their inadequacies. Further, it could be successfully argued, that Bezos and his wife, Mackenzie, who seem insistent on illustrating their success to all through the creation of what is little more than an insult to the Earth, could find an equivalent degree of happiness in a small inner-city apartment and in the name of equality, share some of the amazing financial harvest from with the legion of workers who contributed to its success. I am an amazon customer and this blatant display of wealth and, worse the consumption of so much of the Earth’s resources for so few makes me reconsider my loyalty - Robert McLean)

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