Thursday, April 26, 2018

Hey millennials, don’t fall for Shell’s pop star PR

If you’re a millennial, the global oil and gas company Shell will have been most pleased if you’d seen one their #makethefuture music videos.
Spot the oil and gas rig? Pixie Lott, Yemi Alade and
Luan Santana arrive in the Santa Marta favela in
Rio de Janeiro for a concert sponsored by Shell.
Twice now Shell has lined up superstars including Jennifer Hudson, Pixie Lott and Yemi Alade to sing about solar panels, hydrogen cars, clean cooking stoves and lights powered by a bag of rocks and gravity.

In 2016, Shell even flew three of the stars to the Rio Di Janeiro favela of Santa Marta to put on a concert.

Shell has said the first video – Best Day of My Life – was watched “more than 800m times”. The second video, On Top of the World, was as sickly sweet as the first and has racked up 19m views on YouTube since it was released in December 2017.

Read Graham Readfearn’s story from The Guardian - “Hey millennials, don’t fall for Shell’s pop star PR.”

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