Monday, April 23, 2018

‘Wake-up call': microplastics found in Great Australian Bight sediment

Plastic has been found in ocean-floor sediments 2km below the surface in one of Australia’s most precious and isolated marine environments.
The Great Australian Bight marine park, a so-called ‘pristine’ biodiversity
hotspot where microplastics have been found below the surface.
CSIRO scientists discovered the microplastic pieces while analysing samples taken hundreds of kilometres offshore at the bottom of the Great Australian Bight – a so-called “pristine” biodiversity hotspot and marine treasure.

Conservationists and scientists said the discovery off the South Australian coast should act as a “wake-up call” for governments and corporations to cut unnecessary use of plastics and to “legislate and incentivise” to tackle the growing ocean plastics problem.

Read Graham Readfearn’s story from The Guardian - “‘Wake-up call': microplastics found in Great Australian Bight sediment.”

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