Friday, May 4, 2018

How the MCG got ahead of the recycling game

There are few things at the Melbourne Cricket Ground that don't get recycled. Even the hallowed turf gets a second life.
Vince Macolino oversees waste and recycling at the MCG.
A number of items that would otherwise go to landfill are instead turned into resources that either go back into the ground, as fertiliser or water, or the surrounding gardens, in the form of bollards and furniture made from plastics.

With so many visitors creating so much waste – up to 3.5 million people passed through its turnstiles last year, generating more than 2000 tonnes of refuse – reducing the MCG's environmental footprint is a massive job.

Over the past decade the Melbourne Cricket Club, which runs the venue, has implemented a series of processes to reduce energy and water use and increase the amount of waste it diverts from landfill to recycling.

Read Debbie Cuthbertson’s story from The Age - “How the MCG got ahead of the recycling game.”

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