Thursday, June 7, 2018

NSW brumby protection plan sees scientific adviser quit

A scientific adviser to the NSW Government has quit over its decision to protect feral horses in the Kosciuszko National Park, saying the move shows a "wilful disregard" for science that "diminishes our collective future”.
Conservation groups say the brumby protection
plan will negatively affect native species.
Professor David Watson, an ecologist at Charles Sturt University, had been a member of the NSW Government's Threatened Species Scientific Committee since January 2015 and advised the Government on managing threatened plants and animals in the state.

On Wednesday, the Government passed the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Bill 2018, which gave protected status to feral horses, colloquially referred to as "brumbies", despite the committee advising against doing so.

Read the ABC News story by Michael Slezak - “NSW brumby protection plan sees scientific adviser quit.”

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