Sunday, June 3, 2018

Telstra owners roll out Australia-wide network - for all EVs

A group of dedicated Tesla owners and drivers has built an electric vehicle charging network that spans Australia, providing any and all EV drivers with a usable charging route while they wait for governments and industry to catch up.

The Round Australia Electric Highway – pictured in the map on the right, above – covers a route around the nation of close to 17,000km, with charging outlets spaced a maximum of 400km apart, but in most cases an average of 200km, and no more than 300km.

The vast majority of the network – which was completed by May this year – uses 32 amp three-phase charge points (pictured below), which are able to be used by all types of EVs, using a 3 phase charging cable.

Read the RenewEconomy story by Sophie Vorrath - “Telstra owners roll out Australia-wide network - for all EVs.”

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