Saturday, June 2, 2018

Up in smoke: what did taxpayers get for the $2bn emissions fund?

At some point in June, the Australian government will announce it has spent up to $2.3bn over three years on a scheme that the prime minister believes is a reckless waste of public money.
The government’s enthusiasm for the Direct Action
climate policy has visibly waned since Malcolm
Turnbull returned to the leadership in 2015. 
That is not how it will be expressed. If the past is a guide, the government is likely to quietly issue an understated press release saying the latest auction of the emissions reduction fund – the scheme better known as Direct Action, which the former environment minister Greg Hunt described as the centrepiece of Australia’s efforts to tackle climate change – has been a success.

However, the specifics of how the money is to be spent will be all but impenetrable to most people.

Read the story from The Guardian by Adam Morton - “Up in smoke: what did taxpayers get for the $2bn emissions fund?.”

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