Saturday, June 2, 2018

Win a signed copy of 'Sunburnt Country' by Joëlle Gergis

Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty has heaped praise on “Sunburnt Country: the history and future of climate change in Australia” by Joelle Gergis.

He said: “It’s a book that should be read by every Australian”.

And now Beneath the Wisteria followers have a chance win one of two copies the new book personally signed by Joelle.

The book, Sunburnt Country, it says on the back cover, highlights the impact of a warming plant on Australian lifestyles and ecosystems, and the power we all have to shape future life on earth.

Further, it says, “Sunburnt Country pieces together Australia’s climate history for the first time. It uncovers a continent long vulnerable to climate extremes and variability. It gives an unparalleled perspective of how human activities have altered patterns that have been with us for millions of years, and what climate change looks like in our own backyard.”

One Shepparton reader has said the book is written in plain language and so is accessible and understandable to even those with the most basic grasp of climate science.

Tim Flannery has said that a Sunburnt Country is “A marvellous investigation of Australia’s climate and how we are affecting it.”

Those eager to be in the draw to win one of the two books need simply send their details (name and email address) to Robert McLean before midnight on June 15. Winners will be contacted for details for the mailing out the books.

Dr Gergis is an award-winning climate scientist and writer from the University of Melbourne.

The two books have been made available by the publishers, Melbourne University Press.

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