Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'Slap Tomorrow' for Shepparton

“Slap Tomorrow” is the name chosen for a public speaking event in Shepparton being organized by a small group drawn from among Beneath the Wisteria supporters. 

The group, involving Chris Halpin, Terry Court, John Pettigrew, Bill Winters, Ian Coldwell, Geoff Lodge and Robert McLean, has met twice and now will be meeting each fortnight.

A brief statement about what is proposed has been put together to enhance proposals when the group is talking with potential partners or sponsors.

The group decided at its most recent meeting that it was important to have name for the event that was both catchy and provoked thinking – the group settled on “Slap Tomorrow”.

Here is what the one-page statement says:

“Slap Tomorrow” wants Goulburn Valley residents to be vigorous participants in creating curious and resilient communities.
To create the excitement and interest in working toward such an outcome, ST is eager to bring a small group of qualified and nationally recognized speakers to Shepparton who can help us understand the current realities, the challenges we face collectively and what opportunities are within and surround those challenges.
The speakers will be presented on one evening in the City of Greater Shepparton’s Eastbank auditorium, with free admission to the community.

Our speakers will tell us about such matters as our changing climate, food security, exponential population growth and the depletion of the world’s finite resources.
Also, and importantly, the speakers will talk about the opportunities arising from each of these changes and articulate how those ideas can be employed within our communities to improve their resilience and so make them broadly better places to live, more content and harmonious with the environment.
Our aim is to have the difficulties facing the world, and by implication Goulburn Valley communities, explained in a clear and understandable manner to help people determine how they should react, both as a Community and on a personal level and so enable them understand how they should respond to changing environmental challenges and so build resilient and content communities.
The Shepparton/Tatura based group, “Slap Tomorrow”, wishes to equip people from the Goulburn Valley with the knowledge, and ideas, brought to the district by these speakers, ensuring they will be better prepared to address the unfolding challenges, and to do that, “Slap Tomorrow” needs the support of your organization.
Knowledge is power and to address the world’s emerging challenges our district will benefit from the input of the speakers we envisage

A range of names have been put forward as potential speakers, ranging from Tim Flannery to Anna Rose, and Victoria’s Sustainability Commissioner, Prof Kate Auty, who has already indicated her willingness to be a part of the event.

John Doyle is being considered as the master of ceremonies.

Those with any comment about the project are urged to contact any of the group mentioned above.

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