Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cheap and quick printed solar on the way from Newcastle

New solar ink technology from the University of Newcastle can be printed so rapidly that enough energy to power 1000 homes could be created every day on just 10 commercial-scale printers – and for a cost of less than $10 a square metre.
Professor Paul Dastoor with panels
from the new solar ink technology.
The university this week has revealed a 100-square-metre demonstration site to test its printed organic solar film, with commercialisation expected in the next three years.

The creator, Professor Paul Dastoor, said the technology could be rolled out (literally) faster than any other renewable energy technology.

“On our lab-scale printer we can easily produce hundreds of metres of material per day. On a commercial-scale printer this would increase to kilometres. If you had just 10 of these printers operating around the clock we could print enough material to deliver power to 1000 homes per day,” he said.

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