Monday, May 22, 2017

Reading classic novels in an era of climate change.

Philip Steer.
There is a strange and troubled kind of intimacy between our own moment of climate change and 19th century Britain. It was there that a global, fossil fuel economy first took shape, through its coal-powered factories, railways, and steamships, which drove the emergence of modern consumer capitalism.

What might we now find if we look again at the literature of the 19th century? Although Victorian writers lacked our understanding of a warming planet, we can learn from their deep awareness of the rapid and far-reaching ways that their society was changing. In their hands, the novel became a powerful tool for thinking about the interconnections between individuals, society, economics, and the natural world.

Read the thoughts The Conversation of a Senior Lecturer in English at Massey University, Philip Steer - “Reading classic novels in an era of climate change.

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