Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Slap Tomorrow set the pace with its 'wake-up' forum in 2013

Shepparton’s Slap Tomorrow attracted 650 people to a 2013 forum entitled “Climate change - A wake-up Call” and now today the new head of the Australian Energy Market Operators (AEMO) is saying the same thing.

Audrey Zibelman says the notion that major energy industry players can hold on to their old business models is “insane”, and has described last year’s state-wide blackout in South Australia as a “wake-up” call for all in the industry.

Head of the Australian Energy Market
Operators, Audrey Zibelman.
In a speech to the Australian Solar Council conference in Melbourne on Wednesday, and in earlier in-depth interview with RenewEconomy, Zibelman said the pace of change in the energy industry would be rapid, would focus on consumers and their use of rooftop solar and battery storage, and on demand management.
Read the story by Giles Parkinson on RenewEconomy - “AMEO chief says clinging to old energy model is ‘insane’.

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