Saturday, June 24, 2017

A look at the '97%' science consensus meme

About 97 out of every 100 climate scientists regularly publishing in peer-reviewed journals accept scientific evidence that Earth is warming primarily because of human emissions. True or False.

Skeptical Science founder John Cook,
now at George Mason University.
And according to research in 2016, roughly 11 percent of the public understands that about 97 percent of the climate scientists agree on those two points – happening and substantially human-caused. True or False?
(Answers to both questions: True.)

Researchers* in 2014 published a report in an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal, PLOS-ONE, that public understanding of the extent of the agreement among climate scientists is a “gateway belief”: knowing and accepting that level of agreement is key to increasing general understanding of, and willingness to address, human-caused global warming.

Read/watch the story from Yale Climate Connections - “A look at the '97%' science consensus meme.”

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