Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Americans Deserve Better than the Heartland Institute’s Climate ‘Experts’

Last Thursday, President Trump held a press conference in the White House Rose Garden—a setting where many past presidents have given great speeches, announced new initiatives, and held special events to honor or protect great Americans. President Trump did none of these things.
Gretchen Goldman.

Instead he announced his intent for the US to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord—the first ever global agreement to address climate change, signed by nearly every country on Earth.

Presidents typically invite guests to such events, including people who will benefit from the policy move, those who worked closely on it, or honorary guests who inspired the move in the first place.  So who did President Trump invite? A cadre of industry-tied lobbyists and others who have peddled climate disinformation for years.

Americans deserve better.

Read Gretchen Goldman’s Union  of Concerned Scientists story - “Americans Deserve Better than the Heartland Institute’s Climate ‘Experts’.”

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