Sunday, June 4, 2017

Australia can’t lose in the global race for cheaper, cleaner energy

Despite our sometimes heated national debate about our energy future, Australia is well positioned to benefit from innovative low emission technologies. No matter which avenue we take to cleaner energy, our energy-rich resources means there are opportunities for Australian businesses – and cheaper energy for Australian consumers.
Australia is awash with options for low-emissions energy. 
That’s the conclusion reached by CSIRO in our Low Emissions Technology Roadmap, which outlines potential pathways for the energy sector to contribute to Australia’s emissions reduction target.

Our target under the Paris climate agreement calls for a 26-28% reduction of emissions by 2030 from 2005 levels. Our analysis also considers how the energy sector could meet the more ambitious aspiration of avoiding 1.5-2 global warming.

Read the piece on The Conversation by the Chief economist with CSIRO energy, Paul Graham -  “Australia can’t lose in the global race for cheaper, cleaner energy.”

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