Friday, June 9, 2017

Green-again Turnbull starts down a familiar path

For Malcolm Turnbull, attempting to be "green-again" is a dangerous but necessary risk.

Australia's PM Malcolm Turnbull, attempting to
be green again is a dangerous by necessary risk.
Avoiding it for so long has hastened his popular descent. Avoiding it indefinitely was unthinkable.

All too aware of the sceptical right-wing eyes burning a hole in his back, the Prime Minister had attempted to slow the policy process down, to gather the evidence and build the support within his party for a gentle, non-ideological return to remedial action on climate change. 

Action that many within his party room do not believe is needed, and to which some remain implacably opposed.

Read Mark Kenny’s analysis in today Melbourne Age - “Green-again Turnbull starts down a familiar path.”

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