Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Dark, Dirty Coal Secret You Never Hear Anything About

Why should it matter to you if the distant Greenland ice sheet turns black from a mixture of soot and industrial waste from coal-fired power stations? How is this of the faintest importance to anyone -- let alone those of us down here in Australia?

Allow us to explain.
There's a major crack in the logic of those
who think coal will save the world.
As you know, the biggest coal mine ever built in Australia appears likely to go ahead. This, despite a comprehensive report showing Adani's Carmichael mine makes no sense economically, environmentally or from a public health perspective.
The mine is especially bad news from a climate change point of view, because coal accounts for almost half of the world's CO2 emissions -- the gas which beyond even the faintest doubt is primarily responsible for human-caused global warming.

Read the Huffington Post story by Anthony Sharwood - “The Dark, Dirty Coal Secret You Never Hear Anything About.”

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