Sunday, June 11, 2017

The truth behind the Finkel report and your power bills

The placards just write themselves. What do we want? "Orderly transition measures, system planning and stronger  governance." When do we want it? About 10 years ago. But now will have to do.

The final report of the independent Finkel review is not a revolutionary document. It is, however, an important and long overdue acknowledgment of our need, as a nation, to do three things simultaneously: stop burning so many dirty lumps of coal, keep the lights on and keep electricity prices affordable.

At present, of course, we're failing abjectly on all three fronts, with power bills set to soar again on July 1.

Modelling by the review suggests households will save about $90 a year, or up to $1000 over the decade to 2030, by implementing its suggestion of a Clean Energy Target, compared with a business-as-usual scenario.

Read Jessica Irvine’s comment in today’s Melbourne Age - “The truth behind the Finkel report and your power bills.”

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