Sunday, June 25, 2017

Vietnam’s achievements in climate change response highlighted

Dung, who is also head of Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the UN, World Trade Organisation and other international organisations, said Vietnam has enforced the Law on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, the national action plan on climate change response, the national strategy for natural disaster prevention, response and mitigation until 2020, green growth strategy and renewable energy development strategy until 2030, as well as shared experience in building an early-warning and flood forecast system, and search and rescue.

He called international attention to humanitarian issues arising from impacts of El Nino/La Nina that resulted in serious drought, flooding and saline intrusion in Vietnam and many other countries.

Reiterating Vietnam’s strong commitments to response to climate change, Dung stressed that the involvement of people from all backgrounds and strong international support are crucially important so that not any nation, region, community and individual are left behind in the regard.

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