Sunday, June 18, 2017

Why you're about to pay through the nose for power

It was a rare moment of triumph for a Prime Minister frustrated in his dealings with a difficult Senate.
Former PM Tony Abbott - the responsibility
 for rising power prices is his
Just on three years ago, a jubilant Tony Abbott — having just secured agreement to vanquish the carbon tax, the handbrake on the Australian economy — appeared on national television.

Australian households would be $550 a year better off with the removal of the "toxic" carbon tax, he declared. Gas prices would fall 7 per cent.

Electricity prices would drop 9 per cent. Everyone would be a winner, he told 7.30's Leigh Sales.
"Because the price of power is a component of just about every price in the economy. When the price of power falls, other prices should go down as well," he said.

Yep, it should. Except when it doesn’t.

Read the ABC News story - “Why you're about to pay through the nose for power.”

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