Monday, July 3, 2017

Minerals Council’s fantasy world of coal and renewable costs

The Minerals Council of Australia has entered the world of make-believe with its new “analysis” of energy costs in Australia – but at least it has found a novel way to make new coal generators look cheap.

First of all, you halve the estimated cost of coal generation, double the cost of wind and solar, and then add absurd levels of “back-up” that do not apply to the fossil fuel generators – whose output continually went missing at crucial times in last summer’s heatwaves.

The MCA analysis, published prominently in the fossil fuel industry’s daily newsletter on Monday, is designed to underpin support for a new coal-fired generator to be built in Australia.

Many conservatives are pushing hard for it: One has been promised by the Queensland LNP within 100 days should it win next year’s state poll,; it has been pursued with vigour by former PM Tony Abbott, Resources minister Matt Canavan and others; and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has been forced to say he “would like to see” one.

Read Giles Parkinson’s story on RenewEconomy - “Minerals Council’s fantasy world of coal and renewable costs.”

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