Friday, October 27, 2017

Frydenberg says government will further reduce emissions to meet Paris target

The energy minister, Josh Frydenberg, says he expects the states to sign on to the national energy guarantee, despite the current pushback, and that the government will pursue further emissions reductions in other parts of the economy as part of meeting the Paris target.

Josh Frydenberg says government is acting on advice of
chief scientist Alan Finkel on emissions reduction.
In an interview with Guardian Australia’s Australian Politics Live podcast, Frydenberg said he expected state governments would act in the national interest when they meet in November and consider the national energy guarantee proposal on its merits.

“We are not expecting them to say no,” he said.

Read Katharine Murphy’s story on The Guardian - “Frydenberg says government will further reduce emissions to meet Paris target.”

(When the states gather in November to consider the National Energy Guarantee they should say “no”, adding that they want something better, yes, much better; something that see fossil fuels remain in the ground and a nation-backed effort the sees Australia embrace renewable energy, and put the land-down-under back among the countries that are going to have zero carbon emissions within a decade.

What’s being proposed by Josh Frydenberg is blackmail aimed at having the states endorse a policy that is simply wrong - Robert McLean)

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