Saturday, April 14, 2018

Agrihoods: Replacing Boomer Golf Courses With Millennial Farms

Millennials are hearkening back to simpler times by transitioning golf courses and other vacant patches of land into community farms, imbued with nature’s bounty and earthly goodness. There are now approximately 150 of these developments — called “Agrihoods” — popping up complete with chickens, goats, cows and even bees a' plenty!
Golf courses make way for community farms.
Agrihoods are quickly becoming the 21st-century’s rendition of those trendsetting golf communities baby boomers relocated to in the 1980s & 90s. Decades back, moving to a community with a golf course demonstrated a certain caché. It was a status symbol of sorts that marked one's station in life. Over the years, this type of real estate escalated in value — in large part due to large swath of green pastoral vistas.

Over the years however, preferences change, particularly when a new generation emerges with new lifestyle choices.
Such is the case with today's millenniums who favor a food culture that see the benefits in farm-to-table fare. In today's organic oriented milieu, the young have turned to local farming and Community Supported Agriculture [CSA].

Read the story by Ron Callari from Pets Lady - “Agrihoods: Replacing Boomer Golf Courses With Millennial Farms.”

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