Saturday, April 28, 2018

Waste-to-energy incineration should be 'last resort' as Josh Frydenberg flags expansion

Waste-to-energy projects may be expanded to help tackle the growing recycling crisis in Australia, according to Minister for Energy and Environment Josh Frydenberg.
Burning waste means we are still reliant on virgin resources.
But industry has warned that burning waste to produce energy should be an absolute last resort, and instead say the Government needs to lead by example by preferencing recycled materials in its infrastructure projects.

Speaking to AM's Sabra Lane today, Mr Frydenberg described Australia's waste management problem as an "important, urgent issue" that he was looking forward to working with the states to solve.

"We've already got more than 30 [waste-to-energy] projects underway in Australia...and we look forward to expanding these over time," Mr Frydenberg said.

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