Thursday, May 3, 2018

Melbourne weather: The Pac-Man shaped storm that ate Melbourne

A unique rain formation weather-watchers dubbed 'Pac-Man' surrounded and swallowed up Melbourne as rain and strong winds lashed the state overnight.
The circular 'Pac-Man' stormfront.
The radar image mimicked the iconic video game graphics and showed Melbourne in the eye of a circular storm from about 8pm Thursday.

Keen radar-watchers also called the rain pattern a "force field" and described it as “tie-dyed".

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Chris Godfred said "the image that launched a thousand memes" was actually a fairly common phenomenon. He said when a rain-producing weather system met a downward flow of air, it meant the rain was less likely to fall and instead created a "rain shadow”.

Read the story by Anna Prytz from The Age - “Melbourne weather: The Pac-Man shaped storm that ate Melbourne.”

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