Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tech and oil giants want Trump to keep the Paris Climate Agreement

One day in advance of a pivotal White House meeting to decide the fate of U.S. involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement, the Trump administration is hearing from a diverse number voices urging it to keep the country in the treaty. 
The arc de is ILLUMINATED to celebrate
the RATIFICATION of the paris CLIMATE agreement.
The agreement, which went into force in November 2016, commits all countries of the world to reduce emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane. 

In a letter sent to President Donald Trump by business leaders, oil giants BP and Shell, along with tech firms such as Microsoft, Google, and Intel, tell the administration that the treaty presents both risks and opportunities for their businesses. 

Tech companies in particular have been aggressive in their push to use more renewable energy resources to power their operations. Google, for example, plans to power 100 percent of its data centers and offices with renewable energy starting this year. 

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