Sunday, April 30, 2017

Yes, I am a climate alarmist. Global warming is a crime against humanity

Most of us have wondered about the human context of past crimes against humanity: why didn’t more people intervene? How could so many pretend not to know? To be sure, crimes against humanity are not always easy to identify while they unfold.
‘We are the bystanders who must choose to intervene or be defined by our failure.’ 
We need some time to reflect and to analyze, even when our reasoning suggests that large scale human suffering and death are likely imminent. The principled condemnation of large scale atrocity is, too often, a luxury of hindsight.

I’m a climate alarmist because there is no morally responsible way to downplay the dangers that negligent policies – expected to accelerate human-caused climate change – pose to humankind.
There can be no greater crime against humanity than the foreseeable, and methodical, destruction of conditions that make human life possible – hindsight isn’t necessary.

Read Laurence Torcello’s story on The Guardian - “Yes, I am a climate alarmist. Global warming is a crime against humanity.”

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