Wednesday, July 5, 2017

North Korea, Tony Abbott, asylum seekers, and budgetary problems may well be complex and serious, but are really little more than distractions; distractions that are keeping the minds of our decision makers, and that of the public, remote from the truly critically important issue of addressing climate change.

North Korea is presently a distraction -
nuclear conflict is a "possibility", but
climate change is real and happening now.
The aforementioned matters can each bring, and are bringing consequences we dislike and with the possible exception of a nuclear conflict arising from the North Korea difficulties, climate change is the most difficult and complex problem humanity has ever faced.

The possibility of nuclear conflict arising from what is happening in North Korea is just that a possibility, while climate change is real and it is happening now and until we address it, it will only get worse and as it worsens so will humanity’s chances of avoiding.

Those of us concerned about climate change, need to avoid becoming too entangled in those other matters for they are really only peripheral to the survival of humanity, beyond the “possible” nuclear conflict that could eventuate from any misstep in North Korea.

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