Saturday, July 15, 2017

Thanks from Bush Heritage Australia

A recently completed Bush Heritage Australia survey was followed by a letter from the group’s ecologist and executive manager, Dr Jody Gunn.

The letter said:

Dear Robert,

So you know that climate change, land clearing, bush fire, invasive weeds, feral animals and human development are among the biggest reasons Australia has already lost so much of its unique wildlife. Sad but true - and good on you for knowing what's happening.
Did you also see in the Bush Heritage survey that by managing these threats, we are helping vulnerable species make a comeback on properties we manage across Australia?

That’s what Bush Heritage does. We buy and manage land as nature reserves where threatened species can live and breed.

It’s a very hands-on and effective approach to conservation – and it’s giving creatures like the Stripe-faced Dunnart and Red-capped Robin the chance to thrive again.hat’s hugely important because right now, hundreds more of Australia’s unique and precious species are at risk of being wiped out altogether.

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That’s why my colleagues and I at Bush Heritage are trying to improve how we work with local communities and our amazing (and growing) band of supporters across Australia.

So thank you again for taking part in our survey.
I’m really grateful for your help. And it really will help to protect our remarkable animals, plants, birds and bushland for all Australians, forever. 

Dr Jody Gunn
Ecologist & Executive Manager

Bush Heritage Australia

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