Friday, July 7, 2017

The G20’s new guidelines will help investors tackle climate change

New guidelines being presented to the G20 this weekend will change the way individuals, companies, investors and regulators manage the financial risks of climate change. These risks include physical events, such as changing weather patterns and natural disasters, as well as new technologies and regulations.
Rosemary Sainty - G20 guidelines will help
investors manage climate change risks.
As big investors adopt the guidelines, the companies in their portfolios will be pressured to report on climate change. This will make it easier for investors of all kinds to understand the impacts of climate change on their portfolios, and to assess new opportunities, such as new products and services that will be required and developed.

Companies like BHP have already begun reporting on how climate change will affect their businesses. But, until now, corporate disclosure on climate change has been patchy, shallow and not always financially relevant.

Read the piece on The Conversation by the Scholarly Teaching Fellow at the UTS Business School from Sydney’s University of Technology, Rosemary Sainty -  “The G20’s new guidelines will help investors tackle climate change.”

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