Friday, October 20, 2017

The National Energy Guarantee doesn't end the climate wars, but provides rules of engagement

You have to work pretty hard to see the Prime Minister's energy and climate policy as anything other than a breakthrough.
Malcolm Turnbull's new energy plan, if adopted,
 will provide the rules of engagement.
Just getting his party onside is a major achievement. There was a very real risk the issue would explode in the joint party room on Tuesday.

In the end, the only person asking for more time to debate it was Tony Abbott and, so settled was the matter, his plea was met with silence.

Business groups and big industrial energy users have also welcomed the National Energy Guarantee (NEG). Even AGL, publicly shamed for its perfectly legitimate plans to shut down its Liddell power plant, is onboard.

When the Chief Scientist Alan Finkel swung behind the policy (despite the fact it killed off his Clean Energy Target) you started to get the sense everyone was bending over backwards to support something, anything that will deliver the certainty that industry so desperately needs.

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