Friday, October 20, 2017

Turnbull to rely on state schemes he once rubbished as reckless

State government anger over the federal government’s new energy plan is reaching boiling point, both because of the Coalition’s co-opting of what is supposed to be an independent board, and its decision to essentially rely on state-based renewable targets that it once derided as reckless.

Turnbull government relies on schemes it once called "reckless".
The seething anger from the states is completely overshadowing the proposal for the National Energy Guarantee, not least because it cannot be implemented without their approval.

But they have been astonished by the federal government’s decision to go behind their backs, obtain a policy proposal from the newly constituted Energy Security Board – which is supposed to report to the states through the COAG energy council – and then use the ESB directors to sell the idea to media, politicians and business.

Read the RenewEconomy story by Giles Parkinson - “Turnbull to rely on state schemes he once rubbished as reckless.”

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