Friday, April 20, 2018

Clean & Reliable Power: Roadmap to a Renewable Future

The Climate Council has released a roadmap outlining how Australia can cut its rising greenhouse gas pollution levels, while continuing the transition to clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy and storage technology.

The ‘Clean & Reliable Power: Roadmap To A Renewable Future’ report features 12 key policy principles for any national energy and climate policy framework, including calls for the rollout of a minimum 50-70% renewable energy target across Australia by 2030.

The ‘Roadmap To A Renewable Future’ framework recommends Australia continues to transition away from its ageing, polluting and inefficient coal and gas fleet and encourage investment in a new clean power supply. The report calls for pollution targets which can be ratcheted up along with transparent tracking and reporting of carbon pollution levels.

Read the Climate Council story by Andrew Stock - “Clean & Reliable Power: Roadmap to a Renewable Future.”

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