Monday, April 30, 2018

Queensland farmers rally against laws to curb land clearing

The Queensland government is expected to pass new land-clearing laws on Tuesday amid fierce protests by farmers on the steps of the state parliament.
 One Nation senator Pauline Hanson, right, joins protesters
 against Queensland’s new land-clearing laws. 
The laws are an attempt to rein in soaring clearing rates and restore environmental protections that were scrapped in 2013. The Climate Council estimates bushland more than seven times the size of Brisbane – about 1m hectares – was cleared between 2012 and 2016.

About 500 farmers from across the state, wearing green shirts and waving signs that proclaimed them the “true environmentalists”, demonstrated on the grounds that the changes will harm the state’s agricultural sector. They didn’t miss the opportunity to point out that city dwellers’ smashed avocado and soy lattes were, in many cases, products of Queensland farming.

Read Ben Smee’s story from The Guardian - “Queensland farmers rally against laws to curb land clearing.”

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